About Us

Just like everyone else who found this online store, we are addicted to boba tea...guilty 😜. We love it so much that we decided to open our own boba tea shop in 2012 called Black Pearl Boba Tea in South Florida. As we grow to open a few more local boba stores, we've been learning a lot about boba tea. Not only its origin but how it's made differently in different regions of the world. We're still learning and trying to perfect our boba tea for local customers.

However, we'd also like to bring boba tea to those who may not have close access to a boba shop. After a while, we finally found ways to put together boba kits at an affordable price. As we use the same ingredients sourced from Taiwan for our local shop, we can ensure to provide the best quality tea and boba as well as easy step by step instructions for our customers so they can create the perfect drink that suits individual taste and preferences.

We really appreciate our customers shopping with us. 💛 Boba tea is no longer just a treat for us but also our livelihood. As you support our small business, we thrive on learning and trying to make it better for you overtime. Thank you for being a part of our community and please leave us a message if you have any question or just want to say hey!

Be sure to check out our local stores if you happen to be around!